When should I schedule my newborn session?

You should book your session before your baby is born, preferably in your 2nd trimester. I have intentionally kept my business low volume. It has always been my desire to have a photography business that is built on quality, empowered by relationships, and kept very custom. Obviously, we won't have a set date since we won't know when your baby will be born. I will, at least, have you "on the books". This will reserve your spot and allow me to begin to prepare for your sessionI prefer to do newborn session between 5 and 12 days new. If your baby came early or if your baby is already born, don’t panic! I always do my best to squeeze newborns into my schedule and older babies take beautiful portraits also.


Why do you want to photograph the newborns by 12 days?

It is during this stage of their life that they are the most compliant and malleable. They are very heavy sleepers and are also still very “curly", allowing me the ability to capture them in some of the more difficult poses. This is also a time before colic and baby acne.


What should I expect during a newborn session?

Newborn sessions tend to take 3 to 5 hours. My studio is set to a nice warm cozy temperature for the babies, I suggest you wear cool clothing. Dress accordingly as it can get quite toasty. You may also want to bring a snack. Newborn sessions are done in my studio and are laid back. Sometimes it can take a while to get these little pumpkins in a deep sleep or in just the right pose and that's ok! I schedule plenty of time to make sure you will have images that you will love. Safety is of utmost importance. I only use safe props and posing.


Can my spouse and other children be photographed with my baby?  

Of course! I love to capture the emotion of those special first days with your new little one. I believe that there is no greater image than a new mommy or daddy cuddling with and admiring their newborn child. Also, sibling images are always so special. 


When will I see my images?

We will schedule your View and Order Session approximately 2 weeks after your session


When will my products be ready?

Digital products and folio boxes will be available the day of your View and Order appointment. I use the best printing labs to create the highest quality portraits possible. Depending on the products ordered, your portraits will be in approximately 1-3 weeks after your order is finalized.


Do you offer gift certificates?

Gift certificates are the perfect gift for someone who has already booked a Martie Hampton Photography session, or for those ready to make a custom portrait investment. Contact me to arrange purchases of a gift certificate. Gift certificates are for dollar amount only. I ask that gift recipients book their own session. 

Be sure to add martiehamptonphotography.com to your baby register. 


What should we wear and how do we prepare for our session? 

Don’t worry right now about this. I am here to walk you through every step. This is one of the benefits of hiring a custom photographer. After you have booked your session, I will have a phone consultation to discuss everything with you. I also have a Welcome Packet full of all the information you will need to know.


When should I have professional portraits done? 

Many new parents ask this question and my answer is to focus on the stages rather than the actual ages.  After many years of working with children, I have found the following ages to be a perfect time for professional portraits: 5-12 days for a newborn. 7 months for the sitting up stage where they can sit solidly on their own and they are all about personality and expression. For the walking stage and for the one year portrait, I recommend coming around 14 months.  After they turn one, you will find the rate at which they look different (a good indicator of when it is time to come in) slows down dramatically. These are all just suggestions and I happily work with all ages and stages. 


When should I have my maternity portrait session?

Maternity photos are typically taken when you are showing. Generally around 30-35 weeks into your pregnancy. 


What method of Payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover and PayPal. I also offer payment plans.


When do you do newborn sessions? All newborn sessions are done Monday through Friday starting at 9:30am.